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Every so often, a visitor to these pages will ask if there are any books or publications about the National Lottery or lottery systems in general. After searching through the catalogue, I've put together a list of titles that might interest you.

In an effort to be as comprehensive as possible, I've included the retailers' synopses of the various titles where available, however several books have no accompanying descriptions—and so their inclusion has been based on the publication's title and may not be entirely relevant to the UK National Lottery. If in doubt it may be worth a trip to your local library.

To find out more information about each title, or order the book online, just click on the given link. If you can't find the title you're looking for, or you'd like to browse through the complete catalogue, just click on the above banner to visit the UK's best online bookstore.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lotto
Thompson, E.

ISBN 1861066333 Paperback
"This definitive book was written for the ordinary lottery enthusiast who wishes to gain an in-depth understanding of this highly popular game; and to present a FACTUAL and PRACTICAL alternative to the many unworkable systems, get-rich-quick schemes, lotto secrets and other dubious products offered for sale—none of which are ever likely to enrich anyone but their promoters.
"The reader is taken step by step through the history and mechanics of lotteries, simple probability theory, number wheeling, odds calculation and all of the other basic essentials that players want to know. It is written in plain everyday English, assumes no special numerical skills; and anyone who can add, subtract, multipy and divide (even with the aid of a calculator) can attain a fair level of expertise in this game."

How to Win More: Strategies for Increasing a Lottery Win
Henze, N. & Riedwyl, H.

ISBN 1568810784 Paperback
"This text provides insights into how to improve the return on investments when playing the lottery. The authors show how to improve the odds of winning larger amounts when winning numbers do come up. The pure mathematics is kept to a minimum, making the book accessible to a variety of readers."

How to Win the Lottery: The Essential Guide
Harding, M.

ISBN 0952780402 Paperback
Not reviewed

Living on the Lottery
Davies, Hunter

ISBN 0751519154 Paperback
"Focusing on the people involved in ten of the biggest wins, this book follows the lives of winners of the National Lottery over their first year as millionaires. It also looks at those who make a living from it—Camelot, Oflot and Lenny Lottery—and the 30 million who participate each week."

National Lottery Book: Winning Strategies
Weren, Sam

ISBN 1873668708 Paperback
"An indispensible guide to the hottest lottery systems in the world. All designed to find those lucky lottery numbers that could make you rich. Written by TV's lottery guru and National Newspaper columnist Sam Weren."

Pick Your Lucky Numbers: Easy Ways to Play the Lottery
Signet Staff

ISBN 0451188799 Paperback
"Readers discover strategies they can use to pick their lucky numbers. Along with explanations of the various types of lottery games, this book provides readers with traditional strategies based on math and logic, a guide to using astology to find lucky numbers, real-life winners' success stories, easy-to-follow charts and simple calculations and more. Original."

Winning Lotto for Everyday Players
Jones, Professor

ISBN 094068554X Paperback
"The foremost lotto/lottery expert in America shows British players how to scientifically track and wheel numbers, and increase their chances of winning big jackpots."

Your Key to Regular Wins on the National Lottery
Jones, Dennis

ISBN 0572022069 Paperback
"An officially approved book of the National Lottery. The book offers suggestions for special "perms" for the game, combinations to improve the odds, and advice on forming a syndicate. Amusing lottery anecdotes are also included."